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Posts from March 2013

Gustin Partners | March 28, 2013 |

Profit from a Different Core: Values Matter More than Market Opportunities

By Tim Mead, Managing Director, Gustin Partners

Two of the best leaders for whom I have worked in the past made no secret of the sources of their success in building substantial businesses. One called it a framework of excellence, the other core values.  In both cases, what they really created were mini-operating manuals for their managers and employees—ones that could be internalized, accessible at any time and in any situation.  Their very existence allowed for front-line decision making, rarely second guessed and for an efficient management/overhead structure. Adherence to the manuals usually produced desired results—both at a... Read more

Gustin Partners | March 19, 2013 |

Analyzing the State of Leadership Today

by Thornton May
Futurist, Senior Advisor with GP, Executive Director & Dean - IT Leadership Academy

My academic colleagues tell me I am a “cognitive scientist operating as a future-focused ‘in-the-field’ anthropologist studying ‘tribal’ behaviors in modern organizations related to creating value.”

My friends in the media shorten this to the horsey-ducky simple:  “Thornton is an empirical futurist.”

What I do is collect data about how executives think and how organizations prepare for the future. This is not as esoteric, abstract or impractical an exercise as real CEOs with real quarterly targets might initially think.  Otherwise... Read more


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