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Gustin Partners | April 24, 2014 |

Leadership - Revised

By Carl Gustin

GP Senior Advisor - Energy Services Group

Part of leadership is the ability to self-assess and the humility necessary to achieve goals by changing behavior. Highly successful people do experience failure. Those who learn from it are most likely to achieve success again, often at even higher levels of performance. In the last few days I've read and heard two examples worth noting.

In last week's Boston Globe, Boston developer Don Chiofaro says “My whole training in life is looking at game films.... You look at what you did and see what worked, and what didn’t work. Obviously I would have different plays.” Chiofaro has changed. He still wants to develop his Harbor Garage project, but his approach today is very different than it was a few years ago when the BRA blocked him. It remains to see what the outcome will be but Don Chiofaro has a vision and he seems to be getting support. He watched yesterday's "game films" and it's a whole new game today.... Read more

Gustin Partners | April 17, 2014 |

Leadership as a Work of Art

By Thornton May
Futurist, Senior Advisor with GP, Executive Director & Dean - IT Leadership Academy

Every day the artist wakes up and has a choice to make. They and their muse decide what they will paint, draw, sculpt, or photograph today. Similarly, every day leaders wake up and decide who they will lead, where they will lead and how they will lead today. Having just returned from Florence, Italy where I was doing research on “Renaissance Lessons for Modern Managers” I am supremely sensitized to how zeitgeist and personality impacts artistic, political and leadership choices. Ongoing survey research at multiple universities seems to indicate that many contemporary leaders are “running on automatic” and do not realize the degree of agency [i.e., the broad array of choices available to them] regarding how, who and where they lead.... Read more

Gustin Partners | April 15, 2014 |

The New Minded CIO

By Thornton May
Futurist, Senior Advisor with GP, Executive Director & Dean - IT Leadership Academy

Several colleagues insist on referring to me as a “CIO Whisperer”. One pundit writing for a Northeastern newspaper went so far as to insist that “Thornton is to CIOs what Jane Goodall was to chimpanzees.” I am not certain what exactly that means but I am unabashedly and unashamedly pro-CIO. ... Read more

Gustin Partners | April 01, 2014 |

Are You Ready for a Digital World?

By Thornton May
Futurist, Senior Advisor with GP, Executive Director & Dean - IT Leadership Academy

We are one year short of the twenty year anniversary of Nicholas Negroponte’s Being Digital. In that work the founder of MIT’s Media Lab prophesized a transition from a world of atoms to one of bits. His leitmotif was the belief that everything that can be digitized will be digitized.... Read more


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