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Posts from January 2015

Gustin Partners | January 30, 2015 |

What If We Did Analytics Right?

Fifteen years ago venture capitalists [VCs] sought to convince the world that the time had come for digital groceries. With much pomp and circumstance George Shaheen, the alpha-technologist at the über-integrator [Anderson Consulting] switched teams. Mr. Shaheen jumped ship, departing the old world of atoms for the new and much more lucrative world of bits. Three years and more than $800 million dollars later, the co-poster-child of overfunded ideas – the Webvan Group – filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations. [The other poster child was]. VCs are a persistent bunch. They are back touting a spectrum of online delivery services “whose time has come.” The question I have is – if executives had applied analytics effectively – “if we had done analytics right” – would we have been able to avoid these value destroying debacles?... Read more

Gustin Partners | January 21, 2015 |

Celebrating Modern Project Management & Managers

In contemporary culture today, attention, as measured by column-inches and sound bites, elevates hackers, terrorists, mis-behaving divas, twenty-something billionaires and done-something-wrong sports heroes as “persons of interest.” The media pattern today obsessively celebrates creators of disorder. Little remarked upon – in fact essentially invisible to mainstream consciousness are the creators of order – people who get things done, people who move the ball forward in the face of uncertainty. I would like to reintroduce you to a true hero in our complex world – the project manager.... Read more

Gustin Partners | January 05, 2015 |

Knowledge and Action

Adam Smith’s “division of labor” is one of the earliest and most important innovations in early capitalism. By dividing the manufacture of pins into eighteen distinct tasks [essentially creating a pin factory] a capitalist could increase productivity 240 times. The early industrial age manifestation of this concept was to divide those who think [i.e., plan] and those who do. Over time “thinkers” [i.e., managers] began to extract ever increasing percentages of the productivity gains. In some circles the value of “doing” [i.e., action] became an afterthought.... Read more


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