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Posts from March 2015

Gustin Partners | March 13, 2015 |

How Efficient is Your Knowledge Factory?

For the longest time sic experts maintained that it was impossible to measure knowledge work. A differentiated belief in what a management team believes is measurable and hence improvable can be a source of competitive advantage. Alfred W. Crosby, professor of history at University of Texas, Austin, believes that the post Renaissance success of Europeans was directly attributable to the mindset they brought to metrics and the act of measurement. [See: Alfred W. Crosby, The Measure of Reality: Quantification and Western Society, 1250-1600]. High performance organizations have come to the conclusion that measuring the right things, the right ways is a sustainable source of competitive advantage and a prerequisite for efficient and effective operations. One of the things most in need of measurement today is the efficiency of an organization’s knowledge factory.... Read more

Gustin Partners | March 06, 2015 |

Imagining the Customer of the Future – Part 1

What do we know about the customer of the future? The post-Global Financial Crisis/Great Recession “Customer” is typically described as time poor, always on the go, constantly connected to the internet via mobile, more skeptical, more demanding, more price conscious, better educated, and more knowledgeable about marketing, distribution channels and margins. In a word the customer of the future could be conceived of as a scary monster.... Read more


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