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Posts from April 2016

Gustin Partners | April 08, 2016 |

We Are Entering An Era Where Infrastructure Matters

I recently asked a group of senior executives, “When you think of Paris, what is the first thing that comes to mind?” Architecture figured prominently in many of the responses. Some said “the Eiffel tower.” Others suggested “the Louvre” or “Notre Dame Cathedral”. No one mentioned the Centre Georges Pompidou completed in 1977 by architects Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano under budget at $100,000,000.... Read more

Gustin Partners | April 05, 2016 |

The ONE Thing CEOs Really Have to Work On

Modern CEOs are charged with taking their organizations from where they are today to where they have never been. Successfully completing this journey requires the courage to face complexity, the character to act when the outcome is clouded in ambiguity and the capacity to decide where to invest and where not to invest. If you are a modern executive, you are going to have to make some technology bets. The ONE Thing CEOs really have to work on is improving their ability to make technology investments.... Read more


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