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Posts from December 2015

Gustin Partners | December 21, 2015 |

Managing YOUR Futures - Part 1

The future is not a Singularity [i.e., an absolute unitary end point all sentient beings and intelligent things are accelerating toward]. The future is not a place [i.e., like Cleveland]. The future is a State of Mind.... Read more

Gustin Partners | December 03, 2015 |

Virtual & Augmented Executive Realities

Knowledge workers inhabiting the power-fame metroplex which is Washington DC have a language all their own. I recently learned that in Washington there are “facts” and then there are “true facts.” In the global economy there are multiple realities. This is not presented to be cynical. Some of these realities are becoming instantiated in the tools, techniques and behaviors associated with rapid developments in the virtual reality [VR] and augmented reality [AR] ecosystems. All these realities have to be understood. Many of these realities offer the opportunity for supra-normal performance.... Read more


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