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Gustin Partners | December 28, 2012 | Event

Welcome to the New Gustin Partners Website

Gustin Partners has launched a new website to better reflect the alignment our firm has within the market conditions that exist today. For over 20 years our clients have looked to us to address a wide variety of strategic issues on their behalf and we have now designed a site that better represents our capabilities.

The dramatic changes that have occurred in recent years within the Energy, Technology, and Defense sectors, where we primarily operate, have highlighted several trends that are common across each of our clients: the need to move fast and not make strategic mistakes. Our European based clients are working diligently to unlock value in the US, while US based clients are carefully assessing international opportunities with more scrutiny than ever before.

Gustin Partners’ goal is to help these companies sort out their strategy, talent, and treasure, which can differentiate them from the competition and help them institute initiatives that result in real change and real progress. Most of our work with multinational’s over the last several years, with both US and European based clients, has centered on supporting acquisition activities, redirecting go-to-market strategy and customer engagement methods, leadership coaching, and talent acquisition. All of our work has been with organizations that are changing rapidly, lack the internal bandwidth or required expertise to address these critical initiatives, and look to Gustin Partners to quickly engage with trusted resources capable of delivering on the specific mission.

We are having more and more conversations focused toward growth strategies. However, there remains an imbedded sense of caution and skepticism. Truly breakthrough strategy and, more importantly, best of class implementation capability is still in high demand and will continue to be. Fewer clients have the confidence to be truly bold, but those who are, within our eco-system, have gained significantly against their competition.

Gustin Partners' mission is to support our clients with advice, strategies, and programs that accelerate change, mitigate risk, resolve operating challenges, and capture growth opportunities.


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