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Gustin Partners | February 04, 2013 |

CEO Series – What It Takes

by Charles Gustin, Chairman & CEO, Gustin Partners Limited

Over the years, Gustin Partners has had the opportunity to work closely and extensively with many very talented CEOs. It has been my experience that what most of these men and women have in common is their passion for the business they are leading; their ability to communicate that excitement to shareholders, customers and colleagues; and the skill of articulating their vision. However, the most successful share one more important discipline: continuously communicating the ever-changing goals.

Organizations thrive when moving toward a common goal. It’s not enough to say, "Let’s... Read more

Gustin Partners | January 23, 2013 |

Real Leaders Are Themselves, Not Who Others Wish Them to Be

by Tim Mead, Managing Director

Authenticity, in an age of increasing transparency, is itself becoming an increasingly important attribute of corporate leadership. It means undisputed credibility by one definition, it signifies being true to one’s own personality, spirit or character by another.

Put another way: What every good leader knows and every aspiring one should know is—people (colleagues, allies, investors, customers, etc.) aren’t stupid. If you are not straight with them—in person, action and deed—they will exit, maybe not right away but eventually.

Authenticity isn’t something a person or an organization is born with—a... Read more

Gustin Partners | January 10, 2013 |

Leadership at Early Stage Technology Companies and Start-ups

by Paul Basson, Director, Europe; Principal, Basson Consulting

Leadership is the catalyst that translates vision into reality, ultimately realizing something in the future that would not have happened without that leadership.

Early stage and start-up technology companies differ from those in other sectors and from established companies in many ways. They are generally much more innovative and often product and technology focused because the founders are still running the business. Passion and enthusiasm runs through the organisation and expectations are high and need to be managed. Fundamental administration, social support... Read more

Gustin Partners | December 28, 2012 | Event

Welcome to the New Gustin Partners Website

Gustin Partners has launched a new website to better reflect the alignment our firm has within the market conditions that exist today. For over 20 years our clients have looked to us to address a wide variety of strategic issues on their behalf and we have now designed a site that better represents our capabilities.

The dramatic changes that have occurred in recent years within the Energy, Technology, and Defense sectors, where we primarily operate, have highlighted several trends that are common across each of our clients: the need to move fast and not make strategic mistakes. Our European based clients are working diligently to unlock... Read more

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