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Gustin Partners | September 15, 2016 |

HR Professionals in the Age of Disruption – Part 1

Human resource professionals have to potential to emerge as heroes of our disrupted age. Who else in the enterprise is charged with thinking long and hard how to assist employees do the best work of their lives in an environment that is perpetually changing?... Read more

Gustin Partners | August 30, 2016 |

The Power of Pleasantness

There is a lot of anger floating around the world these days. If you travel frequently you probably bump into folks who are “angry” about not being upgraded; “angry” about the long lines at TSA; “angry” about having to check a bag that doesn’t fit into the overhead compartment; “angry” about flights which are delayed or canceled; and/or “angry” about the 280 pound guy snoring in the seat next to you.... Read more

Gustin Partners | August 30, 2016 |

De-Mystifying Culture – Part 1

Culture is one of the most important concepts in leadership today. Culture is sadly also one of the most tragically misunderstood and mismanaged areas of executive responsibility today. ... Read more

Gustin Partners | August 29, 2016 |

Rediscovering Information Management – Part 1

American history should remind us that information is THE critical resource in the modern age and how we collect, store, analyze/interpret and act upon it matters greatly.... Read more

Gustin Partners | July 21, 2016 |

What Will Leadership Look Like in 2030?

Everyone knows that things change. Many realize that EVERYTHING changes. The deeper thinkers among us notice that things change at different rates. I recently work-shopped with 150+ CXOs asking how they thought leadership would change over the next fifteen years. I specifically asked, “what will leadership look like in 2030”?... Read more

Gustin Partners | July 08, 2016 |

New-Think Marketing: Part 1

One P futurists make predictions. Two P futurists “precipitate preparations” [i.e., create awareness of future conditions requiring current period behavior change and investment]. Many One P futurists predicted that power in the enterprise [and power over budgets] would shift dramatically to Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Digital Officers. In the last two years the pendulum has swung away from turning the keys over to the marketing tribe. Whether this is because the marketing folk have made such a hash out of mobile and social investments I cannot say. As a Two P futurist I can safely attest that all C’s – whether they are in favor and have access to budget or not – are going to have to prepare for New-Think Marketing.... Read more

Gustin Partners | June 29, 2016 |

Measuring the Next Workforce - Part 1

While all organizations exist in the post-Internet Age many operate via Industrial Age talent processes. Generally speaking, the Talent Management space could be labeled a “hot mess.” This “not-of-our-time” situation – a disconnect between the requirements of the modern worker and the management techniques of the enterprise – led me to ask a group of thought leaders and C-level executives what metrics we need to more effectively lead the next workforce.... Read more

Gustin Partners | May 27, 2016 |

Managing Information as an Asset – Part 1

In the Paleolithic Age, to survive you needed to know how to hunt and gather. In the Agricultural Age, to prosper you needed to be able to farm. In the Information Age, to be successful you have to be able to manage information as an asset.... Read more

Gustin Partners | May 03, 2016 |

#1 Skill in 2026: Playing Well With Robots?

Twenty years ago [1996] ASCI Red ASCI Red became the first supercomputer to process more than one teraflop. It was created to run computer simulations of how nuclear weapons were aging. At full utilization ASCI Red could process 1.8 teraflops [18 followed by 11 zeros]. Red took up a tennis court of space, used as much electricity as eight hundred houses, and cost $55 million. Red continued to be the most powerful supercomputer in the world until about the end of 2000. In 2006 Sony offered the public the same compute power in the PS3.... Read more

Gustin Partners | April 08, 2016 |

We Are Entering An Era Where Infrastructure Matters

I recently asked a group of senior executives, “When you think of Paris, what is the first thing that comes to mind?” Architecture figured prominently in many of the responses. Some said “the Eiffel tower.” Others suggested “the Louvre” or “Notre Dame Cathedral”. No one mentioned the Centre Georges Pompidou completed in 1977 by architects Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano under budget at $100,000,000.... Read more

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